Team Manager Resources

Getting Started with TeamSnap

Accept Your Invitation

To get started, you should have received a TeamSnap invitation sent to you by an administrator for your team or from the Club. If you went through registration, you will not need an invitation and can skip this section (one will automatically be sent to you). Depending upon whether or not you've used TeamSnap before, your invitation may be handled in a couple of different ways. Check out the TeamSnap help article for info on how your invitation will be handled and instructions on how to accept:

*Spoiler alert*: It will be automatically be accepted if you already have an account!

Download The Mobile App

Get Logged Into TeamSnap

Get to Know Your Dashboards

Once you’ve been added to your team in TeamSnap, you’ll log in and access your TeamSnap dashboard. This is where you access and manage your account and all of the teams you are affiliated with.

Quick Start Checklist

Game Sheet

GameSheet was approved with the

expectation that all teams will be using

GameSheet to record all games (league games,

tournaments, and scrimmages).

GameSheet Quick Start Guide (Online Version)

Quick Start Guide for Team Managers and Volunteers

Training Videos

GameSheet Training Videos

Scoring a Game

Scoring a Game in GameSheet

Assigning a Penalty

Assigning a Penalty in GameSheet

Updating a Team Roster

Changing a Player's Status to Suspended, Sitting Out, or Injured

Adding Or Editing Jersey Number(s)

Jersey numbers can be edited in either the Dashboard Website well in advance of an upcoming game or directly within the Scoring App at the time of the game.

Disciplinary Contact Form

The D155 Predators Hockey Club holds its members to the highest standards.  From time-to-time an incident may occur that requires further investigation and support from our Rules and Ethics Committee and our Board of Directors.

Coaches, Team Managers, and other officials of the D155 Predators Hockey Club are required to report any and all incidents of such nature within 24hrs of the occurrence to the Rules and Ethics Committee.

A link to the Club's incident form follows:

D155 Predators Hockey Club Incident Form